License & Copyright

License & Copyright Info:

By downloading products you purchased from JenCraft Designs you agree to abide by all of the Terms of Use outlined below:

License and Copyright:

Copyrights to all designs remain the property of JenCraft Designs. Designs are licensed to you for personal and small business use as a single user, not for resale, exchange or commercial distribution. 

Distribution of files in whole or in part, without express written consent, is strictly prohibited by law.

You MAY NOT transfer, share, give, digitize into embroidery format or sell the actual digital file in any format.

Free Downloads:

The URL for the free download page may be shared with others, however, the contents MAY NOT be distributed in any digital format. 

Mass Production License:

The included Small Business License DOES NOT include mass production. If you plan to use JenCraft Designs on 200 or more items, please contact us to obtain a Mass Production License.


Copyrights to all original designs are retained JenCraft Designs with all rights reserved.

No commercial uses beyond those stated above are hereby authorized.

 Unauthorized Use: 

It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without a permission of the copyright owner. This license is not in anyway, shape or form transferable.

We reserve the right to modify, update and change these terms at anytime with or without notice.

Contact Us:

If you have any concerns or questions you can contact me by email at


Important Notice:

The terms governing the use of our commercial designs are restricted to products that do not already have associated trademarks related to the designs you purchase. While we make a diligent effort to review our designs for trademarked phrases, there is a possibility that some may inadvertently pass through or be registered at any time after the design's creation and availability for sale.

We strongly urge you to conduct thorough research on both the textual content and design elements to ensure there are no trademark conflicts. In cases where a dispute arises between your products and a trademark holder, JenCraft Designs cannot be held liable. We do not dictate or oversee the specific products on which the purchaser applies the acquired design for sale or profit.

In simpler terms, if there is a current, valid trademark specifically for shirts featuring the phrase "My Wife is DABOMB," we do not recommend using a "My Wife is DABOMB" design from JenCraft Moonshine Designs on your shirts for profit. By making a purchase of our products, you are acknowledging and agreeing to comply with our terms of use.